Is your VPN working?

Don't Guess!

Let our VPN Monitor Dot app keep an eye on your VPN and automatically notify you if it stops working.

How will Monitor Dot help protect my Privacy?

Your VPN can only protect your privacy on the internet if it is running and working properly. Even if your VPN has its "Auto-Start" feature enabled, there is no guarantee that it will properly run 100% of the time when you power on/bootup your device.
... and even when your VPN is running properly, it may suddenly disconnect or crash hours later without giving you any warning!

That is why it is so important to use Monitor Dot with your VPN service

Monitor Dot will continuously monitor your VPN connection and let you know if it's working correctly by displaying a status "Dot" in the top right corner of your screen as shown below ...

VPN On/Working

A Green dot indicates your VPN is working correctly and protecting you.

VPN Off/Disconnected

A Red dot indicates your VPN is disabled or has crashed and is NOT protecting you.



VPN Monitor Dot can automatically start running when your device boots up.

Always-On Indicator

The status dot remains visible even when using other apps on your device, such as a streaming app.

Independent Dot settings

You can set different brightness and flash rates for the Green and Red dots.

Super-Low Memory usage

VPN Monitor Dot is only 0.5MB in size, that’s 50x times smaller than other vpn monitoring apps.

No Read/Write permission

VPN Monitor Dot does not require the potentially dangerous read/write permission to your device’s storage/files that other apps force you to grant.

It's FREE!

VPN Monitor Dot is not a trial version. It is fully functional and completely FREE
(but we hope you will make a donation 🙂 )

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How To Use VPN Monitor Dot

  1. Before installing Monitor Dot, make sure your VPN software is already installed and working properly.
  2. Then install Monitor Dot (using one of the methods mentioned below).
  3. Launch the Monitor Dot app and turn on the Monitoring Service using the slide switch at the bottom center of the main app screen. Monitor Dot will start monitoring your VPN connection and you will soon see a Red or Green square (dot) appear in the upper right corner of your screen:
    – A Green dot indicates your VPN is on and working.
    – A Red dot indicates your VPN is off/not working.
  4. Now, click the Menu button in the bottom right corner of the main app screen to access the Settings for the app.
  5. The Auto-Start setting allows you to select if you want Monitor Dot to automatically run when you power on your device.
  6. The Red and Green sections of the settings allows you to customize how you would like the Red and Green dots to appear.

For example, you can:

  • Configure the Red dot to be very bright and flash rapidly so it will get your attention if your VPN stops working.
  • And then configure the Green dot to be dim in brightness and slowly flash so it is not distracting while watching a show.

Story Behind Monitor Dot

For a long time there was a popular “dot” app that was free to use by everyone. Then suddenly it displayed a message stating that a mandatory update was required. This update basically changed the app into a trial version that expired within hours after installing it. To use the app, the company now wants $24.00 each and every year!

So, because they tried to force everyone to pay the monthly fee by disabling the free version, I decided to return the favor by creating my own app and giving it away 🙂

Their loss, your gain!


If this app gives you peace of mind, please consider making a donation to support it 🙂

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VPN Monitor Dot v 1.229 (beta)
for FireTV/AndroidTV/GoogleTV devices

INSTALL METHOD # 1: Enter the below code into the popular Downloader app from (available in the app store).


INSTALL METHOD # 2: Click the button below to download the Monitor Dot APK file. Then simply copy it to your device and install it.
INSTALL METHOD # 3: When an update is available for Monitor Dot, an "Install Update" button will appear in the lower left corner of the main app screen. Simply click on the button to install the update.

Installation Notes:

  • This easy to follow Tutorial from provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Monitor Dot.
  • You can safely ignore the message “This app was built for an older version of Android…” that may be displayed when you first run the app.
  • If Monitor Dot does not seem to be working correctly after first installing it, try these steps:
    1) Uninstall VPN Monitor Dot
    2) Reboot your device (VERY important)
    3) Install VPN Monitor Dot again.
  • If you can not see the dot at all, it may be that the dot is outside the display area of your tv screen and you may need to “calibrate” your streaming device to your tv display to fix this issue. See your device settings (not the settings in your TV) on how to do this.
  • If the dot disappears for brief periods of time, this indicates that Android is killing apps running in the background (like the monitor dot app does) because your device is running low on memory/resources. Monitor Dot will usually be able to restart itself when this happens. But for a more permanent fix, please try uninstalling apps that you do not use often so it will free up memory/resources on your device so that Android will not have to kill  any background apps.